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Dorothy's Side of the Family:
Names of the family members who are talked about (those who write are marked with*).
My Grandparents: Alonzo S. ("A.S." or "Lonnie" or "Loni") and Angie Mellon, Warren and Mary Dake. Ed Greer was my grandma's second husband (step grandpa to us).

My Parents: Bill and Amy Dake.
My Uncle: Everett Mellon.
My Aunt: "Anty" Elizabeth (Dake) McCalla and her son Gilbert McCalla.
All the above are deceased but do appear in various accounts.

My Brothers and Sisters, from oldest down, and their children:

1. William or "Wm." or "Bill" or "Billy" or "Billie" Dake (wife Lois*)(both deceased): Carol Printz* (husband Harold Printz): Eric, Cody and son Austin; Justin (wife Melody): son Wade and daughters Callie and Amy; William "Stanley" Dake (wife Janice): daughters Dawn and Andrea; Kathleen Stahlecker* (husband Earl Stahlecker*): Angela Roberson (husband Scott Roberson, sons Trevor, Tracer, Trenton and daughter Trinidy) and Adriana Brown (husband Michael Brown, sons Sully, Everett and daughter Lelan) and Aaron Stahlecker; James: William "Willie," Matthew, and Jeremiah; Patricia Meyer (husband De Meyer): daughters -- Ashley, Dusty, Hannah and son Wyatt.

Blanche (Dake) Miller (husband Jim Miller* (both deceased): Steven Miller* (wife Kathy; children of his marriage to Marian (deceased): Susan, Michael, Sandra, and Mitchell; Duane Miller and children of his marriage to Jean Struthers: Penny, Candice, Jay, Rosanna (Duane's second wife, Ingrid): daughter Ashlee; Sharon "Shari" Miller Larson Sykes* (hasband Wes): Shari's daughter Kristi Indermark* (husband Jim Indermark): daughter Jordan and sons Tyler, Alexander, Mason; daughter Kelly Seaman (husband Mike Seaman): sons Devan and Nathaniel "Nathan"; son Kurtis "Kurt" Larson (wife Jeni*) daughters Samantha, Madilyn, Audrey and son Liam.

3. Dorothy (Dake) Anderson (separate listing with husband, Don Anderson, below).

4. LeRoy Dake (wife Vonnie, both deceased): Ernie Dake* (wife Carolyn*): daughter, Jennifer "Jennie" Horne (husband, Chris Horne): their son Ethan and daughter Carolyn; son, Greg* (wife Sonja*) son William; daughter Virginia "Ginny" McCorkell* (husband Larry McCorkell*): daughter Suzanne;* Larry T. Dake* (wife Sherry): daughters Sarah Steinhauer* (husband Mike Steinhauer and their son Levi and daughter Kira); Amy* (husband Ken Harrison): daughters Harlie, Savannah.

5. Gert (Dake) Pettit* (husband Don Pettit (deceased): these are the ones who have written in The Bulletin: Ardis Quick* (husband Charlie Quick): sons Jason and Travis; Genelle Mogck* (husband David Mogck) (deceased); Melanie Lehtola* (husband Brian Lehtola): their children -- Faith (stillborn), Beau, Cameron and Shea Birkholz and Brianna and Brandon Lehtola; Peggy McNeill* (husband Eddie Evenson, son Roddy McNeill); Wesley Sigman (wife Jo Anne*); Linda Knutson*; Stacy Blackstone (deceased) has been written about.

The following grouping are the Mellon cousins who have written or been written about:
Uncle Everett Mellon's daughter Diana Mellon Martin* (husband Russ Martin)(both deceased) and daughters Maralee, Brenda, and Julianna); his son Roland Mellon (wife Marcella)(both deceased); "Rolly" and Marcella's family: Tom* (his son Tim); Dan* (wife Nancy, their daughter Anne Montford*, her husband Julian Montford and sons Aiden and Austin, their son Sam and his wife Julie); Colleen (her husband Ernie Scott, their daughter Jessica).

Don's Side of the Family: (only those talked about or who write)
His grandparents: Hans Christian ("H.C." or "Chris") Anderson; Gust and Rose Berndt (deceased).
His Parents: Harry and Cleo (Berndt) Anderson (deceased).
His brothers and sisters from oldest down (and their children talked about or writers*):

1. Donald "Don" Anderson (wife Dorothy Dake Anderson) -- Our family is listed at the end.

2. Elwood Anderson (deceased)(wife Lorene): Bonnie; Sue "Susie" Wright*; Vicki.

3. Elaine (Anderson) Wold* (deceased): Muriel Rodriguez,* her son Steve Rodriguez; Melinda "Mindy".

4. DeLoris Anderson*.

5. Mavis (Anderson) Morgan* (husband Tom Morgan, deceased): Merna Hellevang* (husband Ken Hellevang): Ryan,* (wife Jessica), Brandon* (wife Mikaela), Lindsay (husband Corey Shelton); Char Myron* (husband Tim Myron): Jessica* (husband Jeff Gauderman and their daughters Alexa, Nora and son Ethan), Zach, Tytus; Marlee Freesemann* (husband Troy Freesemann): Alyssa, Angela, Jettison.

6. Harry "Jr." or "Junior" Anderson (wife Doris)*: Lisa, Steve, Lori* (husband Keith Mason).

7. Dwight Anderson (wife Janie*): Brenda Hill* (husband Nathan Hill): daughter Jazmine, sons Jonathan and Jaxon; Rick*, Barb*, Tami Hunt* (husband Jason Hunt): daughter Mazie; Melanie Shockey* (husband Eric Shockey): daughter Greta, son Porter.

Don has an aunt and cousin who have contributed: Lorella "Lollie" (Berndt) Grob* (his mother's sister, deceased) her children: Sandy Grob Thiele (husband, Larry Thiele); David Grob (wife Holly); Debsy Grob Vogt*; Tom Grob (wife Terry).

The Family of Don* and Dorothy* Anderson -- From oldest to youngest and their families listed with them (green names are spouses and their children):

1. Donna* "Donna Mae" or "D" Johnson (husband David "Beaver"* Johnson): first the Chap grandchildren; Lori* (husband Shawn Ostendorf*): daughters McKenna, Kierra; Chris* (wife Jessy): sons Grady, Maxwell; Rebecca "Becky" Chap Richter* (husband John Richter): children Caity Chap* and Jayce Chap. (Some of their relatives have subscribed; their aunt Linda Zitzmann* is a contributor.) Next the Johnson grandchildren (related by their dad's marriage to our daughter): Wyatt* (wife Jolene): daughters Rylie and Brooklynn "Brook" and Camryn; Weston* (wife Kelly): son Asher; Ben J.*(to tell him from Ben H.) (wife Ashley).

Also we have their aunts and cousin (Beaver's sisters and brother and nieces and nephews): Jerrianne (Johnson) Lowther*: daughter Kyra (husband Ken Carson); Mitzi (Johnson) Swenson* (husband Sheldon Swenson): Shane (wife Jayna, daughter Malia), Kjirsten Langsjoen* (husband Jens), Derek, Tyler and Aunika; Richard Johnson* (wife, Mia Nelson*): sons Wiley and Arbor; Kathlyn (Johnson) Anderson* (husband Argyle Anderson): daughters, Colette Huseby* and Twila Jo Aydelotte*.

2. Donald "Donny" or "Donnie" Anderson, Jr.* (wife Patty A.* -- to tell her from our daughter Patty H.): his son Eric Anderson* (wife: Julie); Patty's son, Zach Bratten*.

3. Marlene Johnson* (husband Richard "Rich" Johnson*): Heidi* (husband Ryan Henderson), Kim*, Whitney* (husband Bradley Nelson), Mark*.

4. Patty Henderson* (husband Curt Henderson): Ben H.* (to tell him from Ben J.)(wife Heather): their sons Mason and Logan and daughter Brienna; Dan* (wife Gina): their daughters Abigail and Ella and son Luke; Rachel* (husband Damon Olson): their daughter Lydia and twin sons, Asher and Elam.

5. Douglas Anderson* (deceased).

Friends who have contributed articles and pictures are listed below.
I did not know every one of them before meeting them through the pages of The Bulletin, but I consider them all as my friends now!

Ary Ommert, Jr.* is a longstanding friend from The Netherlands. He has written in The Bulletin before and writes a column on the business of flowers.

Frans de Been*-- a friend from The Netherlands who came to visit us in 2000 and now subscribes to/and writes for The Bulletin; his wife is Rian. Their son Koen, daughter Marloes.

Barbara Dewey* is from Donna's area; she has contributed some very nice reading.

Bridget Larson* -- Donna's friend; she lives in Ashby with her husband, Doug, and works in Alexandria. She used to work at the Teen Center in Ashby with Chris Chap.

Tom Miller,* Jim Miller's brother, a friend of mine since our childhood days, and his wife, Lou (deceased).

Donna Richards* (deceased) has been our friend since she and Donna went to school together -- she almost seemed "family"!

Wallace* and Ruth Slotten -- friends from our youth.

Kellie Thayer* and her sons Michael (Yale student), Bryan and Jason (my piano students for several years) -- she treated me like Mom and we consider them family.

Meryl Hansey -- good friend of the Anderson family!

Jess* and Louise Cloyd -- friends of the Anderson family.

Roy and Betty* Weiland Droel -- friends of the Anderson family.

Richard and Verlaine Weiland* -- friends of the Anderson family

Ken and Ruth* Weiland Swanson Kitto -- friends of the Anderson family

Brian* and Kristin Nordling and their sons Keith and Kyle -- friends of Lori Chap Ostendorf.

Donna Thoennes (husband John) -- mother of Wyatt, Weston and Ben Johnson

Coni Waltzing (deceased) -- was Weston Johnson's fiancée

Miss Hetty Hooper* -- Society columnist & social butterfly, loves celebrations, wants to hear from YOU!

Miss Kitty* -- very cool Alaska cat, left home to seek fame and fortune -- also, Mai Tai!

Now we just hope we haven't forgotten anyone -- but if we have, just send a note to dma49261@yahoo.com and we will make the corrections or additions!

Dorothy (Dake) Anderson & Jerrianne (Johnson) Lowther
Editors of The Bulletin

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