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Sunday, September 5, 2010
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Photo © Jerrianne Lowther

Updates -

Gert's newest great-grandson, Jackson Kurt Boltz.

UPDATE -- Gert shares summer's milestones in pictures
by Gert Dake Pettit
Howard Lake, MN

I want to introduce my newest great-grandson, Jackson Kurt Boltz, born June 1, 2010, 8 lbs. 11 oz., 20 inches long. Jackson is the son of Shanna and Adam Boltz. He has a sister, Gabriella, "Gabby."

Even though school is about to start again, I want to share with The Bulletin news of two of my grandchildren who graduated from high school this year. I am very proud of both of them.

Joseph Boltz, Dassel-Cokato High School Graduate.

Joseph Boltz, son of Lisa and Brad, graduated from the Dassel-Cokato High School. He is not sure yet, but has talked about going to a college in Wyoming.

Jenna Gordon, daughter of Marv, attended school for 12 years and graduated with the senior class of Richfield High School. Jenna will now attend a Transition Program.

Graduate Jenna Gordon with Grandma Gert.

It was 60 years this past May since I graduated in 1950 from Howard Lake High School. We had our class reunion this August. Such a good time reminiscing with the classmates!

Howard Lake High School, Class of 1950, at 60th reunion. Gert is second from left in the front row. She sent the names of her classmates but the editors were unable to decipher the print.

UPDATE -- introducing Miss Lillie (Lillie Bean)
by Patty Anderson
Isanti, MN

Just wanted to introduce the new member of our family. Miss Lillie (or Lillie Bean, as Don calls her) is a rescued cat hailing from the Red River Indian Reservation. The vet from the rescue thought she was about 1 but she is soooo mellow and seems very "filled out" at 11.5 lbs. We think she might be a bit older than that. (A lady does not reveal her true age).

She has very unusual coloring -- known as a "dilute (or) blue-cream tortoiseshell" and a very sweet and affectionate temperament. She almost looks like a blue-gray cat that was accidentially put in the washing machine with a new red T-shirt and some bleach.

She has not met Lucy yet ... we will wait several days for that introduction! We do hope they will be the best of friends someday.

Big, gentle Hanna did get to meet her and was double slapped soundly across the snout (no claws though) for being a little too close. Hanna quickly turned her back and sat in a very submissive pose while Lillie gave her a "That's better!" look and turned her back, too. No hissing or theatrics on either part so I think they have achieved an "understanding."

We thought about looking for another Siamese but decided to let the cat pick us this time. Hope she knows what she was doing! :-)

Photo © Don & Patty Anderson
Miss Lillie (Lillie Bean)

Photo Editor's comment: "Ohhhh, yes!" Miss Kitty said -- "a blue cream tortoiseshell with peridot green eyes -- just like me! And her name is MISS Lillie! Miss Kitty approves!" May she prove to be as fine a companion as Miss Kitty! And while Mai Tai would probably be more inclined to vote for a fellow Siamese, Miss Kitty definitely would not. Mai Tai's too much of a pain in the neck for that!

Editor's Note: Usually, about this time of year we have a story on the Berndt Family Cousins' Reunion. However, this year the Berndt cousins elected to meet up at Dorothy and Don's 60th anniversary celebration in lieu of their usual reunion at the ancestral Gust Berndt Farm (now the home of Larry and Sandy Grob Thiele) in Richland County, near Great Bend, North Dakota. Search this web site for Berndt + reunion for stories and pictures of recent Berndt reunions.

FAMILY UPDATE -- introducing Willis and Glenda Berndt
by Glenda Bernt
Fifty Lakes, MN

For those who wonder, "Who on earth are Willis & Glenda Berndt?"

Willis is the son of Anna and Irby Berndt. Irby, of course, was Cleo's brother. Willis and I were married on September 12, 1959, in Washburn, North Dakota, at the home of my parents. My dad, who was a Methodist minister, performed the marriage ceremony. We left Washburn that evening and were on our way to a new life, in a new location -- Pasadena, California. Our oldest son, Jon, was born on June 6, 1961, Sheryl was born on October 30, 1962, and died on the same date. (I almost didn't put her name and birth/death date in but she was a part of our family, even though for less than a day.) Bryan was born on April 17, 1964, Kristine on April 15, 1966, and Michael on June 14, 1968.

We moved to Covina, California, in 1964 and remained there for eight more years before we decided that California was not, at least for our family, a good place to raise children. We moved to St. Louis Park, Minnesota, in 1972, Andover in 1982, and then decided to build a new home in Fifty Lakes, Minnesota. Of course, the fact that Mike, Paula, and their family live here, too, was not a factor. :-) We are planning on staying here until we can no longer take care of the work involved in keeping the house and yard in good condition.

It is so nice to be able to learn more about Irby's family and to get better acquainted! We were very glad to have the opportunity to attend your 60th Wedding Anniversary, Dorothy and Don.

We look forward to being able to read more about the family in that wonderful publication -- The Bulletin!

Willis and Glenda Bernt

Photo © Roxanne Mitzel
The Berndt cousins who attended Don & Dorothy's 60th anniversary celebration in lieu of a 2010 Berndt Family Reunion. Back row, left to right: Sandy Grob Theile, Willis Berndt, Art Mitzel, Dwight Anderson, Kenny Berndt, Don Anderson, Delwood Berndt; front row: Debsy Grob Vogt, DeLoris Anderson, Elaine Anderson Wold, Mavis Anderson Morgan.

The shared grandparents of these Berndt cousins were Gustav and Rose Lubenow Berndt. They had three sons: Irby, Alton, and Cyrus and they had four daughters: Cleo, Augusta (Gustie), Sevilla, and Lorella (Lolly). They and their children are all deceased.

In the picture are Sandy Grob Theile and Debsy Grob Vogt, daughters of Carl and Lolly Berndt Grob; Willis and Delwood Berndt, sons of Irby and Annie Berndt; Kenny Berndt, son of Alton and Carol Berndt; Art Mitzel, son of Bob and Gustie Berndt Mitzel; Don and Dwight Anderson, Elaine Anderson Wold, DeLoris Anderson, and Mavis Anderson Morgan, children of Harry and Cleo Berndt Anderson.

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
Pumpkin, 902 lbs. -- the new Alaska state record holder is even bigger!

UPDATE -- big pumpkin sets state record; big cabbage doesn't
by Miss Kitty
Anchorage, AK

On Monday, Miss Jerrianne and two friends from her days at Alaska magazine more than 30 years ago went to the Alaska State Fair in Palmer. They carried rain jackets and umbrellas but the weather turned out great and they had a blast. They checked out the animals and the flowers and the gardens.

There wasn't much in the way of giant cabbages because they don't come in until Friday, but they saw a huge pumpkin -- 902 lbs. Well, that was just a teaser. Two days later, the grower brought in a pumpkin that weighed 1,101 lbs. -- a new Alaska state record. You can see it here. If you want to read about it, the story is here. In Alaska, giant pumpkins are grown in a greenhouse; giant cabbages grow outdoors.

They were surprised to find an extensive reptile display, with all sorts of huge snakes and other creepy crawlies. A young man was taking an American alligator for a walk right out on the sidewalk, among the fairgoers. He said the alligator was a "rescue" -- because people who think a little alligator would make a swell pet find out they don't make good pets at all after they grow dangerously big. What does it eat? a passerby asked. "Children, mostly," he deadpanned ... making sure the kids didn't get too close to his friend.

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
American alligator, out for a stroll at the fair.

Photo © Jerrianne Lowther
Our brave friend Penny had her picture taken with a huge, squirmy snake.

The Giant Cabbage Weigh Off was Friday (Bulletin day!), and despite rumors that there might be a record breaking cabbage this year, a rainy summer of little sunshine kept that from happening. When the dust settled, the biggest cabbage of the year was 105.6 lbs. -- very respectable, but no match for last year's 127-lb. World Record Cabbage, which you can see in Bulletin 378, published September 13, 2009.

Photo © Keith Mason
Praying mantis crashes the party at Lori's photo shoot.

UPDATE -- look what showed up in our yard last night!
by Lori Anderson
Orange County, CA

Hey, everyone!

Keith was helping me with a photo assignment for work in our yard tonight. About halfway through the shoot, we had this conversation:

Keith: Now don't freak out, honey.
Lori: Why?
Keith: Check this out! [pointing to Lori's camera]
Lori: Eeewwww! [runs away screaming]

This little guy decided to join us by climbing on my camera. Keith was fascinated by it and got a lot of great shots. I decided to keep my distance, but am happy to share his photos. :)

Photos © Keith Mason
Praying mantis explores Lori's camera.

Photo © Keith Mason
Praying mantis poses for Keith's camera.

Finders, Keepers...

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell
I think I will skip the Keepers part... This itty bitty tree frog hopped out of my flower pot when I went to water my flowers. He was less than an inch long. I also "found" this little doily at Twice Nice for 1/2 price ... cost all of 25 cents ... it's a Keeper!

Click here to see what's new on Ginny McCorkell's Bitzidoodles blog.

Photo © Larry T. Dake
Photos from Old Crossing Treaty Park & the Chautauqua & French Festival, August 29, 2010.

Click here for the latest news on LTD's Storybrooke Ripples blog.

Day to Day R
With Donna Mae
Ashby, MN

Photo © Donna Johnson
Space Needle at Minnesota State Fair.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Caity & Jayce take in view from Space Needle at Minnesota State Fair.

Minnesota State Fair

Beaver, Caity, Jayce and I had a fun visit to the Minnesota State Fair this past Tuesday. Although the weather predictions had mentioned it would be cooler that day, that did not prove to be an accurate prediction. It was 88 and humid, so not what I'd hoped for, for sure! The saving grace was the occasional breeze, which helped immensely. Plus, the best part -- their other prediction did not come true, either. They had said storms and rain from about 3-7 p.m. We were happy that part did not come true!

Caity, Jayce and I did our ride in the Space Needle and Jayce had a couple rides on the big slide. Plus, he talked Beaver into taking him through the "Haunted House." I think he got that out of his system, as Beaver mentioned he did not seem to be very fond of the trip through!

Photo © Donna Johnson
Caity at old fashioned gas pump, Minnesota State Fair.

I enjoyed the two free Bandshell shows: The Quebe Sisters Band and David Ball. I don't think the kids liked this quite as well as I did.

Of course, the eats were abundant and it was hard to narrow down a person's choice. One of my favorites, and especially on such a hot day, is the real apple cider freezes from the agricultural building.

We finished the day with a great concert by country artist Carrie Underwood. It was a surprise to Jayce and his very first concert. He thoroughly enjoyed the whole event, including the Gopher giving away T-shirts up in the stands. At the end of each show, they have a fantastic fireworks display, best I have seen in years!

Photos © Donna Johnson
Jayce liked gopher with T-shirts, left, & the giant slide, right.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Musical stage show, Minnesota State Fair.

Photo © Donna Johnson
Beaver watches John Deere engines churn ice cream at Minnesota State Fair.

The Matriarch Speaks W
by Dorothy (Dake) Anderson
Alexandria, MN

Photo © Donald W. Anderson
Our Great Grandson Grady Chap stopped by yesterday (9/2) for a nice little visit, along with his mom and dad (Jessy and Chris Chap). Their puppies were waiting in the car so they couldn't stay a long time. Chris promised an Update on their adventure for next week's Bulletin -- so then you will hear what they were off to do. We were all having a lot of fun and I thought Don's picture of Grady might make someone else smile. Grady has a real belly laugh.

Who Is This?

Let's play a guessing game: we will run a picture of someone of the subscribers or staff members of our e-magazine. Tell us who you think it is -- we will let you know who was the first to guess it right -- and the correct guess -- in the following week's Bulletin.

Last week's Guess pictures

The Matriarch, Kristi Larson Indermark and Judy McCalla supplied last week's mystery photos.
Send us some mystery photos; we will line them up in our staging area to take their turn.

Editors' Note: Correct guesses appear in bold face type and incorrect guesses in normal type ... generally in the order we receive them, so the first guess received is on top.

My guesses for the three pictures are -- I know for sure Editor Dorothy Anderson is the first one and the next two are really guesses. Is it Billy Dake with his cowboy hat brushing his horse's mane and Carol Dake sitting so nicely for her picture?

Mavis Anderson Morgan
Hope, ND

I can only identify one of the three photos. The little girl on the right is ME, Judy McCalla.

Judy McCalla
Salt Spring Island
Off British Columbia

Editor's comment: Thanks, Judy -- you may be one of the few who recognizes that one. I am on the other end of the line, dressed for a concert by the Cecilian Choir. I would think that is about the right age for the two of us at that time in the Memory Lane memoir. You had been born in the spring of 1949 and this was, of course, some months later. The picture of me was probably taken in the spring of 1950, so give or take a few weeks, they were taken about the same time in our family history. --DMA

My guesses are: Aunt Dorothy (high school years?), my handsome son, Kurt, and ?.

Shari Larson
Palm Harbor, FL

The first young lady is my sister Dot, taken in front of the house she stayed in during college days, the fellow beside the horse, I know I am probably wrong, but it favors Kurt Larson. And the little girl is my cousin Gilbert's daughter, Judy McCalla.

Gert Dake Pettit
Howard Lake, MN

Well, we learned who the GUESS picture was last week, and it was Jonathan Hill. Now this time, it is another puzzler. Of course, the first one is our Editor, Dorothy. The next one looks like it could be Kurt (Shari's son), and the baby picture might be Dorothy again -- we will soon know.

Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

This week's Guess picture

How many can you identify? What's going on?

Memory Lane

A series of recollections, of the five years when Bill and Lois Dake and their family lived in Minnesota, began with the episode in Bulletin 343. It's too soon to tell just how many parts there will be in this series, just after World War II. In Bulletin 349, I told more about polio (once called Infantile Paralysis) via two links, Polio and Sister Kenny, to minimize disruption of the narrative flow. Both documents are posted as a series of scanned images. We can't edit them or correct typos and they will not respond to font changes or printer settings as regular Bulletin pages do.

Dorothy Dake, 20, hand tinted portrait, 1946.

I Meet Don's Home Folks
by Dorothy Dake
St. Cloud, MN

We arrived in the daylight, after a trip where I spent lots of time finding out about just who I was to meet. The Anderson family is a younger one than ours. Don is the oldest and then, in the order of their age, there is Elwood, Elaine (married and one I have already met), DeLoris, Mavis, Junior, and then the little one, Dwight. I rehearsed them over in my mind as we drove closer and closer to this "foreign territory." Don warned me that it might get a bit noisy around their house as his mother had invited her sisters and their families to come and meet me (and play a few games).

As we drove down Highway #81 and past the little town of Dwight, the road was about even with the fields (huge and square -- they measure farms in sections here). The snow was piled high on both sides of the road. Don informed me that their driveway was blocked and the wind kept filling it in, so his dad would bring their sled, pulled by a team of horses, to take us around the drifts.

As we drove straight north, just a little way after leaving Dwight behind, he drew my attention to their farm buildings on the other side of the river, perhaps a half mile west of the road. I could see a bunch of kids in the yard, and as soon as we came into sight, they headed for the barn. When we reached the road at the corner of the fields that lay east of their house, I could see the team pulling out of the area next to the barn. We drove down the road to the west and soon were parked behind another car that was sitting there already. So the excitement began...

Right now, I am sitting in the girls' bedroom, writing in my journal. Last night is kind of a blur that I need to sort out. DeLoris is scrubbing the kitchen floor. (That is the biggest room in the house -- and the most used.) I decided to get out of the way and to get some of this down. Now don't think I have a marvelous memory. Mavis pops in now and then and she is helping me with the names.

I have decided that Mavis and Junior are rather enjoying a chance to tease their big brother. I have heard this little jingle going the rounds, "Please meet Dorothy Dake, from Howard Lake -- She can bake a Cherry Cake!" I have my suspicions as to who thought that up!

Cleo (Don's mother) had invited the two sisters who live near Great Bend, which is in the area where the Berndt home farm is; it is a few miles (I am not sure how many) to the south. Lollie and Carl live on that home place because Don's Grandma and Grandpa Berndt have retired and live in Great Bend. I understand that Gustie and Bob (Mitzel) live very near them.

I was surprised to find out that Lollie was not very much older than I am. She and Carl have only one cute little girl and they call her Sandy. (It looks like she is to have a sibling before very much longer.) Gustie is closer to Cleo's age. She is married to Bob Mitzel and they tell me that Oliver, who I noticed was older than the other kids by quite a bit, was born to Bob's first wife, who passed away. Gustie and he have three kids. They fit in as visitors, as there is Bobbie to play with Junior, Bernice to be with Mavis and DeLoris, and the littlest one is Arthur; he is about the same age as Dwight.

We had a great time last night. The kids were out in the snow lots of the time, then up in the boys' bedroom, reading comic books and playing games. The men visited, sitting in the easy chairs and davenport in the living room, near the oil burning stove that kept them warm. The women and older girls spent their time in the kitchen. It is a good sized room. There is a nice coal burning range that warmed it, a large refrigerator, nice built-in metal cabinets, and a sink in the corner of the room.

We made good use of the big table. Lollie had brought along a new game. I think she had gotten it at Christmas time. She is a whiz at it. Cleo is good, too, and I found it interesting. I am not really thrilled with most games but this one appeals. It reminds me of the game of Anagrams that my dad likes to play with us kids. I wonder if this game might be one that I may continue to enjoy. It is called Scrabble and it calls for good luck but it also calls for a knowledge of words and spellings. I spent most of the evening learning the rules and watching Cleo, Lollie, and Elaine play. But when Cleo and Elaine decided to start making the lunch, I took over Elaine's turn. I didn't win but it was challenging and I did enjoy it!

It was a great evening and ended with a hearty lunch with sandwiches, dill pickles, cookies, cake and a Jell-O salad. The coffee was really great! It was made in an old-fashioned pot on the stove, with egg mixed in the grounds and then boiled until it cleared. Excellent -- and what do you know -- I have made coffee that way, too. DeLoris fixed some hot chocolate for the kids ... well, for anyone who wanted some. It smelled really great -- and with marshmallows melting in it, I am sure it WAS great. But I hadn't had my coffee, so I took that instead. I guess it was pretty close to midnight before everyone got taken back out to their cars by sled, and we picked up. Don and I sneaked a couple minutes together before all of us young ones headed up to bed.

Now I hear the guys coming in for noon lunch so I will close. This has been an introduction ... I liked everyone just fine. I just hope I have made a good impression. I wonder how this will all turn out?

The First Four Anderson Kids (from their family photo album), left: Elwood, Donald, Elaine & DeLoris; at right: Harry Jr. & Mavis holding Dwight in 1945.

The Harry & Cleo Anderson Family, late 1945. Back row: Elaine, Donald, Elwood, DeLoris; front row: Harry, Mavis, Harry Jr., Cleo, supporting Dwight, born May 1945.

Celebrations & Observances
From the Files of
Hetty Hooper

This Week's Special Days
September 6---Labor Day
September 11---Patriot Day

This Week's Birthdays
September 5---Genelle Mogck
September 5---Lori Chap Ostendorf
September 5---
Gabriella Ruth Boltz (2 years)
September 7---Brendan Aydelotte (11 years)
Happy Birthday!

This Week's Anniversaries
September 7---Tim and Colette Huseby (14 years)

More September Birthdays
September 2---Patty Anderson
September 2---Vicki Anderson
September 2---Stanley Wm. Dake
September 3---Jacob Mendoza Dake
September 3---Eric Printz
September 3---Charles Quick
September 4---Wiley Nelson

September 12---Lindsay Dawn Hellevang
September 15---Carolyn Miller Dake
September 15---Shari Miller Larson
September 19---Nathanial Kurtis Seaman
September 21---Jessica Aydelotte
September 23---Abigail Mae Henderson (2 years)
September 24---Wyatt Johnson
September 25---Keith Mason
September 26---Jaxon Dwight Hill (4 years)
September 26---Alexa Ann Gauderman (2 years)
September 28---Donald L. Anderson
September 30---Sheldon Swenson

More September Anniversaries
September 2---Michael and Sarah Dake Steinhauer (8 years)
September 4---Ernie and Carolyn Miller Dake (39 years)

September 18---Jay and Sandy Miller Smith (11 years)

September Special Days
September 6---Labor Day
September 11---Patriot Day
September 12---Grandparents Day
September 22---First Day of Autumn

Miss Hetty's Mailbox:

Photo © Donna Johnson
Grady Chap visits Great Grandpa Don.

Dear Miss Hetty,

Thank you for the beautiful anniversary greeting. We had an enjoyable weekend in Lincoln, Nebraska, visiting Brandon, Mikaela, and her parents. We attended a 5-man vocal concert at the open mall one evening, as well as a street fair downtown. Our anniversary meal was at Lazlo's, where we had steak and prime rib on the outdoor patio with Brandon and Mikaela.

Merna and Ken Hellevang
Fargo, ND

Keep Us Posted!

Please drop Miss Hetty a line and tell us who, and what, we've missed. And how about a report (photos welcome) of YOUR special celebration?

'Many Thankse

Miss Hetty


Click here to review last week's Bulletin

There was a beautiful job done again today on The Bulletin. I think we often forget to say a word of thanks to all those who put so much time and effort into it for us to enjoy and look forward to every Saturday morning.

I do appreciate the comments on the "review" as sometimes we forget all what was in the last one and it's fun to think about it again and even to go back to scan it again as a refresher.

Never have I traveled so far in retirement to so many states and countries, so cheaply, so easily, and so effortlessly as I do from my office chair, just by reading the great BULLETIN.

Keeping in touch with the people is so great. Thank You! I'm leaving now to pick a bouquet of flowers from the Netherlands. :)

Mavis Anderson Morgan
Hope, ND

Regarding The Little Beeps, no winner this week! --Douglas

The Little Beeps are treed, but they will just have to stay there, I think. At least if they can't get down until we can guess the tree they are in -- they are destined.

Betty Weiland Droel
MoundsView, MN

Last Week's Bulletin Review JKL
by Betty Droel
MoundsView, MN

Simplicity. There is such beauty and mystique in simplicity. Like this simple water lily in a pool of pale yet colorful water -- a beautiful setting.

Sarah must have provided many pictures that we are seeing as they fit in week after week. The Bulletin is furnished with stories and photos the subscribers submit, and miraculously there they are.

I'm sure the first time they jumped from the pool onto the trampoline was exciting and exhilarating, but it soon becomes an "art," which is addictive.

I have a feeling like Angel and Alyssa are pretty well liked by Grandma's neighbors. We got a glimpse of the clever wall paper border at the Morgans' again. Our guests had potato salad this noon simply because this picture of the girls' making it looked tempting.

Oh, what a sweet picture of that new baby growing tall and strong -- I wonder what little William Dake will think when they show him this picture in just 10 short years? He will think he's waaaaaaaaayy cute, too.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JIM ... 88 and counting. Being we knew Jim and Blanche in their prime, it is not easy to think of Jim getting to be 88 years old. He lived a good, full, helpful, kind and generous life in his younger years, and many have a silent thanks for his thoughtfulness.

I finally got brave and clicked on Bitzi's blog ... finding this simple, lovely work of art and may it be a belated happy anniversary to Don and Dorothy.

I say "got brave," meaning that if I clicked on that blog I couldn't resist spending too much time on looking at it from one end to the other.

Photo illustration © Virginia McCorkell

We got a detailed recipe and description for making the "Gak." I wonder who named that? Unbelievable!

I had wondered about the harness for Scout, Larry's Ox, and there was a clear, good picture of it, so now no more wondering.

Donna Mae, you never cease to find such Bulletin-worthy stories and photos anywhere and everywhere. Tula grooms Jasper was just so precious. So against a cat's nature to be that close to a dog, or so against a dog's nature to allow a cat so close.

I loved Memory Lane this time also. I was happy that the trespassers through the room onto the porch got stopped. No way to handle that without hard feelings except just how it did happen. It has been so much fun to live along with Dorothy in her young days, and all the things she can remember that makes a most believable story. I have a vivid imagination, which helps put illustrations with the words. I had to laugh that she wondered how she would ever get her studies done with all the extra-curricular activities.

Frans's flowers look so healthy and colorful. I thought the close-ups of the blossoms were especially interesting. Did you notice -- not a single weed? Actually more blossoms than leaves.

The Quotation for the day was so thought provoking again this time. There is just something about a leader who is patient and considerate that brings out the best in the adults or children they are responsible for. A person loves to be obedient and accommodating for an agreeable, accommodating leader.

Thanks to Dorothy and Jerrianne once again for another one-of-a-kind Bulletin, #428. To keep meeting the deadline each and every single week with so many pictures and stories to accompany them is a major accomplishment. We thank you for that, sincerely.

Betty Droel


© Douglas Anderson-Jordet
The Little Beeps -- birdwatchers!

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