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Established September 2002

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Dorothy Dake Anderson
Dorothy Dake Anderson, Editor & Publisher

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This extended family newsletter was begun by Dorothy Dake Anderson in September 2002 to help maintain contact with her college-age grandchildren. It has come a long way and notices are now e-mailed weekly to more than 130 extended family members and friends. Many others read it on the web. The first 445 issues are in the archive. For more info on the Anderson and Dake families: see about.

Collections from the archives include web galleries, collected recipes and collected stories. Who's Who groups The Bulletin families and Who's Where locates them geographically. See Menu of links above.

EDITOR'S POLICY: If you wish to subscribe to The Bulletin, and receive weekly e-mail notices, simply send me a statement of that fact. If you wish to keep receiving them, I hope you will contribute news for the updates that run in this family epistle (at least occasionally!). Send e-mail to me here.

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